Thursday, April 23, 2020

dealcox - auctions, negotiations, announcement, mega bargains


We decided to create a blog about dealcox as a place where we will share information on the development of the dealcox platform available at
dealcox is a platform that aims to facilitate the communication of people who have something to sell and a place where buyers will be able to find interesting offers from around the world. Offers that stand out due to their price and uniqueness. A place where prices can be determined on the basis of negotiation or auctioning, and regular offers will be available.
What is important to us?
- creating a place where very interesting offers and opportunities will appear
- enabling the purchase / sale transaction in the most efficient way with access to all required information
- creating a community of people who want to use dealcox and recommend and invite their friends
- security - purchases at dealcox must be safe for both buyers and sellers.

We also ask for feedback, any comments, tips on what can be added, improved, indicated.
We also have a partner program running - if you want to work with us and earn - contact us and let's develop dealcox together. More detailed at this link
In the next entries we will inform you about how we are developing about interesting offers ... we will try to convince you to our solution.